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 “Always remember, you have within you the strength

 the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to 

 change the world." Harriet Tubman  

Our Mission

The Be Foundation (TBF) is a globally-connected, community-based organisation centred on Barbuda. TBF works to restore and empower the community, strengthen services to meet the needs of Barbudans, build networks of opportunity, and transform lives.


The passage of Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017, impacted the island of Barbuda and the lives of Barbudans in significant and unprecedented ways. The storm unearthed wide-spread challenges to restoration, yet heightened the resolve of this strong community to press forward towards a promising future.


Barbuda is poised to move forward stronger than it was before, with the vision and voices of Barbudans at the centre of its development.


We believe that...

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Our Trustee collective comprises of experts with backgrounds and experience in project management, food, farming and agriculture, healthcare, education, community mobilisation and community empowerment, digital information technology, marketing, financial transparency and economic accountability, and legal affairs.


Our Trustees are changemakers, who embody the foundation’s vision and operate collaboratively to lead these processes which enable us to do what we do:  


  1. Empower the voices of Barbudans to advocate for social change.

  2. Identify global opportunities for community involvement.

  3. Engage organisations, community leaders, and citizens to ensure authentic participation and shared decision-making.

  4. Fundraising and resource mobilisation.

  5. Gain access to advance capital investment and business growth.

Jenita Cuffy - TBF

Jenita Cuffy

Co-founder + trustee

Jenita is Barbudan born, and at a young age she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare fraternity. After..

Diann Beazer Jeffers - TBF

Diann Beazer Jeffers


Barbudan born Diann has been an activist for social change for most of her life, her work has focused on worker...

Beverly George - TBF

Beverly George


Barbudan by descent, Beverly was taught at a young age that the island was special and that it has an intrinsic tie to its...

Anessa Hopkins - TBF

Anessa Hopkins


Barbudan born Anessa is currently the Secretary of Agriculture, Lands and Forestry Department for the Barbuda...


Annette Henry

Co-founder + trustee

Annette is a marketing consultant and social media strategist by profession, she is immensely proud of her Barbudan heritage ...


Sean Charles


Born and raised in Barbuda, Sean’s heart is always in his homeland. Following the passage of Hurricane Irma, Sean partnered...

Philman George - TBF

Philman George


Living in Toronto, Canada, Philman is a Corporate Chef at one of Canada's largest seafood companies, where he is...

Liza Thomas - TBF

Liza Thomas 


A Barbudan descendant based in Leicester, UK Liza is the Director of her own digital marketing consultancy...​

Tamara Huggins - TBF

Tamara Huggins

Co-founder + trustee

Tamara is a social justice advocate, based in Toronto. Her work has focused on advancing human rights and gender...

Adeana Elvin - TBF

Adeana Elvin


A resident of South Carolina, US, and a qualified public accountant, Adeana has held a variety of roles across many...

John F. Harris - TBF

John F. Harris


Based in New York, USA, Pastor Harris has served as a Senior Pastor for 23 years at the Ebenezer Pilgrim Holiness...

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Is this your spot, are you interested in becoming a TBF Trustee? Contact us here...

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