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 Your donation will help   to empower Barbudans through our 

 partner projects and networking   opportunities.  


To restore and empower the community, strengthen services, build networks of opportunity, transform lives.


The passage of Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017, impacted the island of Barbuda and the lives of Barbudans in significant and unprecedented ways. The storm unearthed wide-spread challenges to restoration, yet heightened the resolve of this strong community to press forward towards a promising future.


Barbuda is poised to move forward stronger than it was before, with the vision and voices of Barbudans at the centre of its development. The Be Foundation focuses of projects and activities that help Barbudans to empower themselves. 

Our work is people-centred and sustainable development focused, aiming to restore this beautiful island to its prestine origins, while helping Barbudans to set the path forward for their prosperous future.


As an organization formed by Barbudans, with the aim of contributing to Barbuda’s sustainable development, our work centres of meeting today’s challenges, while creating new and innovative opportunities for the Barbuda of tomorrow.


Training and capacity building, strengthening Barbuda’s economic outputs.


New programs and activities that meet the needs of underserved families, men, women, children and youth in Barbuda.


Public awareness and advocacy, including equity, equality and human rights sensitization.


Fundraising and resource mobilization to rebuild infrastructure and create new programs and services in healthcare, education, sports. culture & entertainment.


Technical support to partnering organizations across all areas of sustainable development.


Research, data collection, analysis and publication of information that provides evidence-based development initiatives for the public and private sector.


Partnerships are critical to TBF’s work of restoring Barbuda and empowering the lives of Barbudans. We work with governments, locally-based organizations, businesses and international, regional and individual donors to bring about transformative change. ​

By partnering with TBF, you are working with an organization that is committed to seeing the lives of people transformed, through their own visions, and championed by their own voices.

If you are interested in collaborating with us please get in touch here

Here's who we have been lucky enough to partner with so far... 

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Our vision is to empower and encourage 'change agents' to lead the community. The Be Foundation provides support towards social, political and economic empowerment initiatives, rooted in our community's vision.


To realize this vision, The Be Foundation works to strengthen good governance and democratic accountability, and advance equality and equity in all facets of life.

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