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 Your donation will help Barbudans empower themselves through   our partner projects and networking opportunities. 

Our Mandate
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TBF’s interventions support Barbuda by:


  • Empowering the voices of Barbudans to advocate for social change;

  • Identifying global opportunities for community involvement;

  • Engaging organisations, community leaders, and citizens to ensure authentic participation and shared decision-making.

  • Fundraising and resource mobilisation; and

  • Gaining access to advance capital investment and business growth.


TBF will be responsive to the issues and needs of Barbuda and Barbudans as the island develops post-Hurricane Irma. In the infancy of our organisation, we’ve established Foundational Areas of Focus to help guide our work:

Foundational Areas of Focus


  1. To lead research, data collection, analysis and publication of information to advance evidence-based development initiatives of the public and private sector.

  2. Facilitate training and human development interventions aimed at strengthening Barbuda’s economic capital.

  3. Introduce and coordinate programming and activities to meet the needs of underserved families, men, women, children and youth in Barbuda.

  4. Support community capacity to promote equity, equality and human rights across all facets of cultural, economic and political life.

  • Empowering and encouraging 'change agents' to lead the community.

  • Providing supports towards social, political and economic empowerment initiatives, rooted in our community's vision.

  • Strengthening good governance and democratic accountability.

  • Advancing equality and equity in all facets of life.


Our Trustees align the necessary support and resources to build or strengthen community-based initiatives, aimed at Barbuda’s holistic and sustainable development. The Trustees of TBF bring extensive experience leading clean-up and rebuilding initiatives in Barbuda since November 2017. Our Trustees successfully coordinated extensive relief and support, focusing on securing tools and equipment utilised for community restoration, as well as for youth engagement and empowerment.



Website The Be Foundation (1).png
Website The Be Foundation (1).png
Website The Be Foundation (1).png

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

Resource Mobilisation

The Be Foundation works with partnering organisations, donors and other agencies to provide the necessary support and resources to build and strengthen Barbuda-focused development initiatives.


Community Restoration

The Trustees of TBF have been leading clean-up and rebuilding initiatives in Barbuda since November 2017. We will continue to work internationally and on the ground to advance Barbuda’s restoration while leading projects which transform the island’s potential for sustainable growth.


Empowering Children & Youth

We engage global partners to help build the spaces where the youth of Barbuda can flourish. Our Trustees have coordinated large scale donations of school supplies, toys and sporting goods for children and youth as they return to the home they know and love.


Economic Diversification and Growth

Coming soon


Building Human Capital

Coming soon


Advancing Gender Equality

Coming soon

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